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Barbie House Using Cardboard Box

Barbie House Using Cardboard Box

November 01, 2016 by thecraftsforkids.com
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Does your child have barbie dolls placed carelessly? You might think to bought him barbies House so that the dolls can be kept neat. However, do you know if it turns out we can involve our children to make the House of barbie, himself. Its time you with them making crafts for kids are fun and creative.

Creativity is indeed is a very valuable thing. Even though we have a lot of money but we will never be able to buy the creativity we can save in the hands or in our brain. We can buy a House for our children but the barbie if we could hone the creativity of our children with a barbie House then makes him not just the joy that they get, but also the value of creativity from our children.

Barbie is a doll that is increasingly famous these last few years. But if you know the actual age of the barbie doll then you will be surprised. Barbie doll was first discovered or created in 1959. Yes age 57 barbie dolls around this time.

The age that is quite old with skin that is wrinkled if in humans. But barbie dolls getting har thus increasingly beautiful and charming. His skin was white and his body indentations are increasingly getting soft.

If we let our children keep the puppet then carelessly saddens all. Therefore, we will make the House for barbie dolls. Barbie House we will create will use the former. These materials are widely available in our homes.

Here are some of the materials to be prepared before we create the home of barbie. The first ingredient is a used cardboard, scissors, glue, and decorative paper.

Barbie makes her home stages as follows:

1. Cut the cardboard in accordance with the main form. There are several main forms that need to be made part of the room of the House and roof.

2. Paste the part of the room with the roof of the House. If you make it into a 2-story building, then make a ladder to give the impression to make it more interesting.

3. Lightly coat the outside of the home as well as in using decorative paper. Use glue do not too many to make it more presentable.

And now the crafts for kids barbie houses already in your hands. Youve successfully created your child get creative with this activity. Barbie House from cardboard former already done you make. By making this barbie House you are also saving the environment because it uses the thrift.


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