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Best Practice How to Make Crafts For Kids

Best Practice How to Make Crafts For Kids

August 03, 2016 by thecraftsforkids.com
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The world of children is indeed a unique world to be aware of. Not only the abundance of knowledge to be learned by children on their golden age but also their creativity without limits. Make our children increasingly savvy in creative thinking into a challenge for their parents.

Crafts for kids into a media to train their creativity.

Maybe youve heard the term crafts for kids. But actually what is meant by crafts for kids that? What are called crafts for kids? How to make crafts for kids? And do crafts for kids can make our children happy? All the answer you can read in this article.

What is the crafts for kids?

A child is seen weeping in front of a toy shop. Her parents tried to comfort her but still the boy cry. He pointed to one of the toys sold in the stores.

If you become a parent the amak there are 2 things you can do. You can invite the childs admission to a toy store and bought him a toy he wants. Or you also can offer creative solutions to your child to make his own toys at home with recycling used items.

Recycling? Yes, its not just being a creative solution that is inexpensive but is very beneficial for the future of our children. Bring them to make crafts for kids as they want with their imagination.

In our House there are a lot of goods can be used as materials to make crafts for kids. To make the robot, to make the dolls, to make a doll house for even baking toys.

Can it be?

Theres not a thing that is not possible. You just need to give your childs confidence and encouraged him to try a new thing. A creative thing.

Crafts for kids is a media creation for your child that can be made easily and inexpensively. Not only can be made by an adult but crafts for kids can also be made by children from the age of 3 upwards began.

Then what are called crafts for kids?

All objects that you can create to make your children smile and grow creatively then its called crafts for kids. From start to flower until the airplane from paper can all be categorized as crafts for kids.

Currently many online games that are on the gadget. Many children liked the game and spent time every day with it. Parents also think their child is happy with the games. But wait, it turns out the side of the creativity of your children dont like games like that. Lets see, in the game online game makers usually only shows the side of the brain intelligence, but very little that hone the skills of the brain. This is all because the kids are only directed to move objects from one place to another.

Different if you invite you to make crafts for kids. You will invite your child holds the original form of an object. Feel how rough or-media they use. Also invite your child to see clearly the real shape of the toys they make.

This is a better value if you owned smart invites your child to make toys at home.

Not mean you should not buy toys at the toy store. But there comes a time you train your children to be creative and also save money.

How to make crafts for kids?

At home or at school, children can be taught to make toys that they want.

I would like to point out a doll to you. If you find this doll in a doll shop seebuah then this became a regular thing. But if you can make it yourself then it becomes overwhelming.

What is the only doll that can be made at home? Of course not. For boys it turns out we can also create a robots. Here’s how to make two of these toys.


To make the dolls then there are some materials need to be prepared. These materials include:

-flannel fabrics







How to make a doll?

We will need a pattern for making doll. This pattern will we make reference at the time of making a doll shape one by one. Usually for a doll then the pattern will be divided into several parts such as the head, body, hands and feet.

We could make their own patterns based on the original form of the doll we will create or we can also search for it on the internet.

After you create the pattern then we will cut flannel with the same pattern that we have made. The selection of the right color will make the dolls we make more interesting. For example, although we could make a stuffed panda with the color purple but make it by using black and white will make more attractive.

After that we will insert into fabric flannel cotton we have the sewing. You need to give a little bit of open space in one part fabric flannel for inserting cotton.

After cotton doll comes in and begins to form then the next step is to decorate the doll with the beads. For the eyes we can paste the beads or buttons. To section the hair we can use thread.

How? Easy? And of course now you can compare with a stuffed doll is in store, with a low price as it turns out you can get the same quality is even better.

How to make a robot?

Make the robot also turned out to be not a difficult thing. We will make the robot by using materials around us, a lot of paper. It is this papercraft for kids crafts.

There are many patterns of papercrafts that you can find at thecraftsforkids.com, you can search Robocop papercraft, Naruto until Doraemon.

Some materials need to be prepared to make a papercraft robots which are:




Once we find the necessary robot pattern then we need to print it by using the printers engine.

The first step when we make a papercraft robot is cutting out. We will teach the children how to cut. It is great to train a motoric abilities of children.

The more frequently your child practice cutting out carefully then the result will be more presentable.

Including when they are cutting out the pattern of papercrafts. The more detail a pattern then you need the level of care at the time of cutting.

After cutting out then the next step is the folding pattern fits the shape of the robot we will create. On some parts we will need glue to attach one part with another part. And only in a short time, you can already make a robot comes in front of you! Amazing!

How, are you interested?

It turns out that make you smile it is not difficult. With him to make a simple toy in the House is enough to make it happy. Imagine if you are the kind of parents who bought toys at the toy store front as in the beginning of this article. Maybe you could make your child smile, but the creativity of your children are missing.

If you offer different solutions to make toys at home. In addition you can train the creativity of your children, you can also save the cost of your spending, isnt it?

Happy to make crafts for kids at home with your child. Not all objects should you buy but also not all objects you can create your own. Discover your childs world with a touch of creativity from our parents. This is best practice how to make crafts for kids with your child.


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