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Little Zoo Using Recycling of Used Goods

Little Zoo Using Recycling of Used Goods

October 28, 2016 by thecraftsforkids.com
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Do you want to make a Little Zoo in your home? Is this possible? It certainly could be. There are many ways to make your child happy. And this time we will invite you to make crafts for kids that have high value of creativity.

Little zoo of used goods such as cardboard milk turns out to be interesting to made. You can get started by going to the kitchen and clean cardboard milk your child from the remnants of powdered milk. Prepare a couple of other equipment such as scissors, glue, paper decoration and color markers.

The first stage we will do is create a box with an open top. After that we wrap the cardboard surface by attaching decorative paper. We can customize the color of the decorative paper is for example the color that is identical to the color green so as to give the impression like the original Zoo.

After that we will make the shape of trees and artificial turf. We can paste the trees and grass in areas that we like. Dont forget to give the colors by using markers.

After all finished attach beads such as the fence and a small stuffed animal collection you have. And crafts for kids is already. Make your child getting smarter.


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